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Hello, and welcome to my site, it’s great to see you here.

I’m Liz, and I live in Wellington, Shropshire, with my husband Tim who is a Vicar in the Church of England, and our children. When I was eight years old, I decided I wanted to be an author, and wrote my first book.

It took me many more years to start writing in earnest, largely because of a chronic illness which has plagued me all my life. It has shaped a lot of how I see life, because it’s something I’ve never been able to escape. It brings a lot of pain and there are times I can’t leave my home for days and weeks.

Yet I’m so passionate about Jesus and the hope that he brings, and love to share stories about transformed lives. I don’t pretend to have easy answers to the problem of suffering, but I’m on a journey with a God who loves me and delights in me. And it’s been in the deepest depths of pain where I’ve found God there too, walking it with me.

You may wonder why this website is called ‘Great Adventure.’ After all, I’m sick. How can life be a Great Adventure when lived within the cage of chronic illness?That is just the point, though. The Great Adventure that I see in my life isn’t to do with bungee jumping or paragliding or skiing or extreme water sports – as much as I’d love all that stuff.

My Great Adventure is a life lived with God. A life where every day is an adventure, because God made us for so much more than we can imagine. So Great Adventure is a bittersweet title, reminding me both of my limitations and my liberty.

I love reading and try to do regular book reviews – have a look at some of them here. I’m also a fan of fairtrade dresses and Cadbury’s chocolate, which is the reason I exist (this is actually, honestly, literally true. Ask me about it sometime.) And turquoise.

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  1. Sharon keen

    Just found your new book title flagged up on Amazon, which lead me here. So looking forward to getting to know you through your beautiful gifting. God is good.
    Praise God for the you in you.
    Blessings overshadow you and yours x✝️️✝️

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