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A Tale of Beauty from Ashes

Recently, when watching the new version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, I was struck by the themes of restoration running through the story – so I thought I’d put together a little Bible study guide on it. It’s a six session course, for individuals or group study – you just need the DVD to watch certain clips from the film.

It’s now available here on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback forms. But the best news is that you can get a PDF copy by signing up to my brand new sparkly newsletter:

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I won’t be using it to bombard your inbox with daily descriptions of my exciting life, but I may send the odd update about what I’m up to, my writing projects – like the book about contentment I am in the process of editing which is being published by IVP – and other things you might find of interest. I’d love replies too, I always enjoy talking to you!

Let me know what you think – and if you have a moment, I’d really appreciate a share or an amazon review 🙂

Thank you and bless you.


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