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A few radio interviews…

It’s been a completely new, and somewhat daunting experience for me this last few weeks, as I’ve recorded a couple of radio interviews and a Podcast. I’m so thankful that all the presenters were so friendly and easy to talk to, but it was scary nonetheless. I still don’t feel in any way like a ‘speaker’ – I’m much more at home at my keyboard – but it’s been great anyway. I thought I’d collate the interviews here 🙂

Podcast with Susie Davis – I’m so happy to have recorded this with Susie for her ‘Dear Daugters’ podcast. Susie says: The book digs into contentment in difficult circumstances. I’m delighted to introduce you to Liz because she can talk honestly about “rejoicing in the Lord, even in the rubbish of life.” And we’ve all got rubbish in life, right?

Interview on Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Inspirational Breakfast’: This was so much fun to do, because it was part of their ‘call-in’ so callers asked questions which I then attempted to answer… some were more difficult than others… 🙂

Interview with Matt at UCB radio: I really enjoyed doing this one, Matt was so friendly and kind about the book as well.

Hope you enjoy them!

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