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Finding contentment in chronic illness

“The other day I was speaking about my new book on a radio show. As part of the session, listeners were invited to call in and ask questions or comment on what they’d heard. I found great resonance in what people were sharing about their own suffering. And then someone called in with the suggestion that I should ‘look into healing ministries’. My heart skipped a beat, because here I was, on the spot, being challenged about my failure to get healed. I am certain that the caller spoke from kindness and grace, that they longed for me to find that healing – and I know that God heals today.


Today I am guest blogging for Tanya Marlow, who has written some amazing books about looking to God in the midst of darkness. Check out the rest of my post here: Finding contentment in chronic illness. Then have a look around Tanya’s site – you won’t regret it.

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